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How to Fix MS Office Error 1935?
The main reason behind the MS Office Error 1935 is that it is out of the Microsoft .NET framework or corrupted.
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Expanding The Response and The Advanced Automated Threat Hunting with Open DXL
Today every person is talking about the automation of security. However, what are the right actions and processes to automate safely? What are the right actions and processes to automate that will actually achieve some outcome of the security, such as improving the efficiency of sec ops or reducing attacker dwell time?
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If you have any issues related to mcafee activate products. Here are the instant solutions to download,install and activate mcafee.
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Steps to download and activate mcafee
mcafeecom/activate: McAfee Antivirus is providing the update protection solutions. McAfeecom/Activate - Download, Install and Activate,
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Get the best of the McAfee security solution at mcafeecom/activate . McAfee Antivirus protects your devices against many of the viruses, malware, and other security threats at home and away.
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11:47am - 18 AprPublic
Some Troubling Statistics that reveals Survey of ANTHEM Player
A Couple of months ago the ANTHEM launched but previously it feels like that the game has completely fallen off a cliff.
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7:47am - 18 AprPublic
Get a free Hearthstone packs from the new Tavern Brawl and Select the proceedings of Your Champion
Several changes are happening in the Hearthstone—changes that could get you some card packs and free cards, if you play uh, your, cards right. First up is a new Tavern Brawl called the Ignoblegarden, the courtesy of the explosive Dr. Boom, with the decks covering the neutral cards and random class, plus a few different minions from the good doctor that look appropriately OP:

Bloom Bot: Deathrattle: Summon a Legendary minion. Give it Rush.
Doom Bot: Deathrattle and Battlecry: Death 5 damage to ALL minions.
Room Bot: Taunt, Magnetic, Deathrattle: Summon 3 1/1 Boom Bots.
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8:00am - 17 AprPublic
mcafee.com/activate - mcafee activation key - www.mcafee.com/activate
Get Started with mcafee activate from mcafee.com/activate. Easy steps to enter mcafee activation key.
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6:37am - 17 AprPublic
Steps To Fix Norton Security Error Code 8504
Norton Support Center gives easy and hassle-free third-party support to all the users of Norton Antivirus security, in this post we are explaining that what actually is Norton error code 8504 and steps to fix it.
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9:02am - 12 AprPublic
If you have any issues related to mcafee activate products. Here are the instant solutions to download, Install and activate mcafee.
Services provided by McAfee
• Safety from malware, spyware, viruses, and phishing scams online issues.
• Protects your web browsing
• Protection for your Network and more
• The online transaction will be secure
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6:13am - 11 AprPublic
Netgear router customer support team provider world-class netgear router support services are available 24*7. Some of the most common queries received at our netgear router support number have been given below.
• Internet speed is slow.
• Online netgear router support to change the password.
• Online netgear router support to reset your router.
• Netgear router keeps losing connection too often.
• Netgear router support to enhance the performance of your router.
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8:55am - 09 AprPublic
How to setup and install norton products?
Norton Setup is a well-known and reputable name in the universe of antivirus.The label of Nortoncom/setup itself is sufficient to make the user feel safe and secure concerning their data and network. wwwnortoncom/setup has made it big in the PC protection and cybersecurity business.
To install the Setup Norton.com/setup-
Double-tap on the norton.com/setup file in order to open it.
Instantly,run the file
Later Norton License Agreement pop-up will appear on the display
read all the terms and conditions of the agreement
press the agree button and click on install button
Follow all the instruction
To Setup your norton product with nortoncom/setup or wwwnortoncom/setup after visit the site follow the given steps to setup norton.
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6:00am - 03 AprPublic
Netgear is a trusted and reliable brand which offers the best range of router devices to meet every type of home networking speed. We believe in providing the best services .
Your Wi-Fi network is the one and only backbone of your smart home. You need the speed and you also need more technology to connect all your mobile devices, network controls. Netgear router devices give you the widest range of features and speeds to meet your home needs for internet, music, video streaming, gaming and a lot more.
Router connects multiple LANs and allows you to communicate between those LANs.There are many router vendors available in the market today and Netgear is one of the best available. Netgear is U.S brand which not only manufactures routers but also have its market in other networking devices. It provides inbuilt security features and storage solutions without any additional cost for it.
Apart form being best in its market, it owns huge number of routers and each with wonderful features.
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11:09am - 02 AprPublic
Steps To Choose A VPN Wi-Fi Router and Why Do We Need It!
Why do you need to Install a VPN on Your WiFi Router?

If you are a typical internet user, then you should already be using a VPN for your WiFi router, at least in its web service data and incarnation. That is unless you like having your web habits scrutinized and your data completely open to anyone because it is not encrypted.
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10:50am - 29 MarPublic
The players of Anthem fuming over BioWare’s game-breaking patch v1.0.4
One would think that the worst is finally over for the popular game Anthem, with BioWare company going full throttle in supporting the heck out of the game Anthem, but it finally seems that the latter is turning into a much bigger task than initially being planned. Yeah, the latest patch is currently on fire.

On the kind of fire which is the wrong mind you, and some of the players are even calling for an AMA session for BioWare company to deliver a confession of the state of this particular game and a real plan to generally fix it.

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11:51am - 28 MarPublic
This Is How Regularly You Should Be Rebooting Your Wi-Fi Router
The Internet, cannot live with it, cannot live without it. Whether you are using it to pay your online bills, watch your favorite streaming services like Netflix or youtube gaming streams or connect with friends through social media, a strong Internet connection is a crucial staple in many houses and businesses. But just as shutting down your computer or laptop every so often can benefit its actual performance, rebooting your WiFi router can also help.
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11:49am - 27 MarPublic
Netgear Router Update recommend software upgradation which will make your device faster.Our support services are unmatched as we provide support 24*7 and 365 days
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10:48am - 14 MarPublic
In the present in fact propelled world everyone needs to make online nearness and needs to be socially dynamic so as to interface with individuals abroad. For this reason you need web association as well as necessities to shape Local Area Network and for this reason switch is required. Switch associates different LANs and enables you to convey between those LANs. Switch goes about as default portal since it is situated at the edge of your Local Area Network. There are numerous switch merchants accessible in the market today and Netgear is a standout amongst the best accessible. Netgear is U.S brand which makes switches as well as have its market in other systems administration gadgets. It gives inbuilt security highlights and capacity arrangements with no extra expense for it.

Separated structure being best in its market, it claims enormous number of switches and each with awesome highlights.

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12:18pm - 13 MarPublic
Steps To Configure the Netgear AC1750 through Netgear Genie setup wizard
Netgear Genie is an interactive desktop app which is compatible with both Mac as well as Windows Operating systems. Netgear developed this Genie wizard for the ease of the users. It becomes much easy to access and configure the Netgear firmware update setup portal through the desktop application of Netgear Genie as the user need not access any web page address for the configuration purpose.
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10:35am - 12 MarPublic
The Popular RPG Game Dragon’s Dogma is getting a Netflix anime
Netflix has just announced a handful of its new upcoming anime projects, and among them is “an original game anime series” based on the RPG game Dragon’s Dogma. For the uninitiated, Dragon’s Dogma is a cult open world RPG game originally released in 2012 by Capcom company and directed by Hideaki Itsuno of Devil May Cry game. It is very good.
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11:42am - 11 MarPublic
Installation guide for netgear router

Netgear was the main organization ever to present the world’s quickest and solid remote switch. It is only the most recent development of the heritage of imaginative remote switches and mode switches. An ever-increasing number of homes presently comprise of different gadgets requiring solid and consistent Wi-Fi signals. Netgear offers the best range of switch gadgets to meet each sort of home systems administration speed. You require the speed and you moreover require more innovation to interface all your cell phones, arrange controls and indeed, even remote administration. Netgear Router Setup gives you the most extensive scope of highlights and speeds to meet your home requirements for web, music, video spilling, gaming and significantly more.

Following are the steps to how to configure Netgear Router via smart wizard:-
First click on start then goes to All programs. Look for the Netgear wireless adapter folder then select the Netgear Smart Wizard.
Netgear smart wizard wireless utility will appear on your desktop screen.
Now click on the networks tab. This will scan for all the available wireless networks within your proximity.
Now select the SSID of the wireless network to connect and click the connect button.
On the settings, tab click WEP or WPA.
Now type the 10 or 26 characters keys on the space provides.
In the profiles field, assign a name to remember and then click on Save profile.
Finally, click Apply to validate the settings.
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12:12pm - 07 MarPublic
Respawn discusses plans for hitboxes, Apex Legends update nerfs Wingman and Peacekeeper
Today Respawn has released the very first significant balancing patch for Apex Legends, an update that carries tweaks which are meaningful to two of the most powerful guns in the game, the Peacekeeper and the Wingman, and which lays out a plan for changing the various hitboxes of three characters.
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9:44am - 04 MarPublic
How to setup Netgear Router in router mode?

Netgear Router can be configured in two modes i.e. router mode and access mode. Router mode is the normal mode which allows a router to use all its features whereas access mode is bridge mode which resists a router to use all its available features. Access mode is configured when there are multiple routers at your place and while configuration router detects another default gateway. If you have a single router at your place, always configure it in router mode. The Router mode allows you to use additional features such as PPPoE, DHCP, Inter-VLAN, VLAN Routing etc.
If you face any of the issues while configuring your router with the settings discussed above, you can contact us at
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9:59am - 27 FebPublic
WiFi is a wonderful thing. There was a time when the only way to surf the internet was by firing up your dial-up connection on a computer. Today, we can enjoy the several benefits of online on our smartphones, game consoles, and many other devices without having to plug them into a WiFi router.
Of course, a pleasurable experience can quickly turn frustrating as soon as your WiFi signal starts failing on you. Whether it is a connection that keeps dropping or painfully slow speeds, you have probably suffered WiFi problems before.
The 3 Most Common Wi-Fi Issues
Bad Wi-Fi Range
Slow Wi-Fi Speed
Dropped Wi-Fi
Kaylee Smith 
11:40am - 26 FebPublic
Steps To Ensure That Your Router Has The Latest Security Updates!
Keeping your home WiFi router updated is a crucial part of staying secure and safe. Shellshock affected a number of WiFi routers, and we have also seen WiFi routers getting hacked and turned into botnets. Home router security is generally poor.

You should make sure that your WiFi router is getting regular updates of security, too. Depending on your WiFi router, you may have to do this by hand, set up automatic updates or not do anything at all.

Your WiFi Router’s Firmware is an OS, and it is Particularly At Risk
Your WiFi router runs a firmware, which is essentially its operating system. Quite a few WiFi routers are actually built on top of the Linux, and that means security vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel or related software program like the Shellshock bug in the Bash shell could affect your WiFi router. Issues can also occur due to poor WiFi Router firmware update design in general, such as the backdoors which have been discovered in WiFi routers produced by Netgear, Linksys, and other massive companies.

Home WiFi routers are particularly vulnerable because they are exposed directly to the Internet. Every other device you own is shielded behind the WiFi router and is not publicly addressable. Your WiFi router essentially functions as a firewall, shielding your other devices like laptop or smartphones from inbound connections by keeping them all to itself. But, by design, your WiFi router is the one point in your home network that is exposed directly to the Internet. As an attacker could contact your WiFi router, it is crucial your WiFi router is secure.

Manufacturers release new versions of the software program for your WiFi router, just as they do for the software on your phone, tablet, game console, computer, and other devices. Depending on your WiFi router, you may have to install these by yourself.

How to Install The Various Firmware Updates
To install the firmware updates, you will need to access your WiFi router’s web interface in a web browser. You will often be able to find the information of firmware-updating under System Update, Router Upgrade, Firmware Upgrade, Software or a similarly named option.

On home WiFi routers provided by your Internet service provider, there is a good chance your WiFi router is set to receive automatic updates of firmware provided by your internet service provider. We have personally noticed this in every ISP-provided WiFi router. As on our current Comcast Xfinity WiFi router, there is no way to upgrade it yourself. On the positive side, this means that your WiFi router will update automatically and you would not need to do anything about this by yourself.

Modern-day advance WiFi routers often offer automatic updates, and you will want to leave this option enabled or enable it if it is not already. For example, Linksys Smart wireless Routers offer automatic WiFi router firmware updates, which are enabled by default as part of the first-time process of setup. Linksys router also provides instructions for enabling the automatic updates later.

netgear router support

Older WiFi routers may just offer a page where you can upload a file of firmware. You will have to check the version of the firmware installed on your WiFi router, possibly from a separate Status page and then visit the WiFi router’s official website manufacturer, find the Downloads or Support page for your specific model of a WiFi router, and check for and download the latest firmware upgrades manually.

You can speed up the search for your WiFi router’s firmware updating options by performing a web search for your specific model of WiFi router and a firmware update to find the right instructions. But you should get a pretty decent idea of what your WiFi router requires after browsing through its web interface.
WiFi router security updates are not something to panic about, but they are sometimes to bear in mind. Make sure your WiFi router is automatically updating its firmware, if possible. If it is not, be sure to check for the occasional firmware updates. If your WiFi router has years-old firmware updates you have not installed yet as many WiFi routers surely do, you will want to install the latest one as soon as possible.

If you face any issue regarding the Netgear router update or Netgear router firmware update then you can anytime contact the Netgear router support for the help.
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What issues are faced while handling Netgear Routers?
Netgear works completely fine without any issue but following are the common issues that we face with Netgear router:

You can face some issue in setup configuration of Netgear router.
Unable to login in the Netgear router issue.
Repeated fluctuations in Wi-Fi router connection can occur.
An issue of Internet connectivity can occur.
Driver installation problem and connection problem can arise.
In downloading the update drivers, issues can arrive.
The connection problem with the Windows operating system can also arise.
Setup issue with the wired and wireless Netgear routers can occur.
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7:47am - 12 FebPublic
How to perform updation and configuration of netgear router?
Netgear is a top-notch brand which timely releases new firmware updates to keep their products updated and to keep up their security features. Firmware is a software that is embedded in a hardware (router) to control device behavior. This software provides administrative controls, network protocols and security.
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